Tuesday, December 5, 2017

daisy thinking and dreaming(streamers edition)

groteque things
pointing things
a nonsensical purple smoke

came streamers flowing,
ribbon reflective streaming,
that thus streamed
through the river of her dream.

She was in the mind of a serial killer.
She looked out the eyehole.
And saw herself staring back in the mirror outside.
she realized she was trapped,
and destiny overtook her
in a violent, heavy wave.

Monday, October 2, 2017


we were going three miles north of the hill.
we picked bn up and gave him a hot meal.
I was 37; he was 35.
if papa knew what bn did,
he'd have skinned him alive.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

streets of the city

Michael, Michael,
brightest light bulb,
his crayon is brighter,
his expectations higher!

If you fart,
in the dark:
would you think,
the floor broke?

You see the white Mercury,
you know the rhymes are pure,
Michael coming over and through
Give Mikl his due!

Sylvan streets of the city,
show no pity,
if you can't rhyme.

Gossamer teacher panties,
quizzes I didn't care for,
living off her food stamps
cause I got her fired.

Always been too smart,
sitting in the park,
without a chessboard.

Sylvan street of the city,
show no pity,
if you can't rhyme.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Kane Rose Up(a promotional verse)

At first they come
to see the picture show
then they crying
realizing its no joke

its my right wing website

where dems take it in the butt
its Kane Rose Up.

from the factory
six speaker
honda civic
play follow the leader

post on my right wing website

pull your skirt tail and
piss in the cup
because it's Kane Rose Up

buttered popping corn
got chickens in the porn
leaf to chew
two barrels to threaten you

kicking it up with the right wing website

them hoochie can't get enough
of that good Kane Rose Up

Sunday, July 30, 2017

come and be blinded.

There is more light

than you

can ever see
from your darkened lair.

Chemical Castration(a poem, musing)

Chemical Castration?
Chemical Castration.
Know they put it in my food.
C'mon Mike.
Run the wheels off that thing.

Monday, July 17, 2017

while i died lying.

while I died lying
she stood,
back to the water,
watching the camera,
the camera ever
loving her all over.

I was sinking down,
having come so far,
but further still remained.
Her little white tennis shoes
were before my eyes.
What a thing
to last see-
a lifetime and then this.

I sure thought a lot
in those ultimate moments
and all the while
I was convinced
she was like a brick,
but how wrong!
How ever wrong!

She would make
a picturebook ensconced
in lace and roses
remembering the big water,
while I was gone
and forgotten.